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We opened our 2nd 3-day three year old class today and it is already filling quickly! If you are still looking for a high-quality half-day preschool program for your 2 or 3 year old please give us a call at 642-3210.

2 Yr. Old

Curriculum for Two’s

Our two year olds thrive in a small group setting (8 students/2 Teachers). FCBA staff is trained to provide positive learning experiences; and a warm loving environment. They will learn about the world around them and the God who created it through themed based play. We focus on self-help skills, problem solving and negotiating play with their peers. Most of all we make Learning Fun!


  • I go to School , I am learning to help , Color– red,  Shape– circle


  • I can See and Hear, I can Taste and Touch and Smell, I can Eat Good Food, Helping in my community, Color– yellow Shape– circle


  • I learn through playing, My Family Enjoys Fall, I love my family, We Learn about Farm Animals, Fall Festival, Color– orange, Shape– square


  • My family works in many ways, We have friends at church, My Family gives Thanks, Thanksgiving, Color– brown, Shape– square


  • My World has many colors and shapes, My Family Enjoys Christmas, Color– green, Shape– triangle


  • My community has helpers, It’s Winter Outside my Window, Snow/Snowman, Circus Fun, Color– blue, Shape– triangle


  • We Enjoy Pets, God Made the Animals, Valentine’s Day, We have fun with friends, Color– purple, Shape– heart


  • Dr. Seuss Week, I travel with my family, We enjoy Day and Night, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Easter, Color– white, Shape– oval


  • We can experience Springtime, We thank God for plants, Beautiful bugs, Color–black, Shape– rectangle


  • Mother’s Day, Frogs/Fish, We Thank God for water, Color & Shape review