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We opened our 2nd 3-day three year old class today and it is already filling quickly! If you are still looking for a high-quality half-day preschool program for your 2 or 3 year old please give us a call at 642-3210.

3 Yr. Old

Curriculum for Three’s

Our three year old classes also enjoy a small group setting of (12 students/2 Teachers). The Staff of FCBA continues to build the foundation begun earlier, with an age appropriate play-based program that both challenges and provides success daily for each child.  We spend time in both large and small group activities that allows each child to grow and become all God created them to be. Children begin planning and making choices about their day.


  • I come to Preschool, Starting School, All about Me/I am Special, Color– red, Shape– circle


  • I Learn through my senses/My feelings, My family is special/My Family, I make friends at preschool/My Friends, Safety/My Community has helpers, Color– yellow, Shape– square


  • Pets/Pets need care, Fall/I can discover autumn, Farms/Farmers help us, Fall Festival, Color– orange, Shape– triangle


  • A Healthy Harvest/I can be Healthy, Pilgrims/Native Americans, Thanksgiving, Color– brown, Shape– diamond


  • I have favorite Toys, Christmas is Special, I like Church, Color– green, Shape– star


  • I can discover winter/Forest Animals , Snow/Arctic Animals, Martin Luther King Activities, Circus, I can go many Places/Transportation, Color– blue, Shape– rectangle


  • Valentine’s Day/Post office, President’s Day, Dental Health, I can express My feelings, Dinosaurs, Color– purple, Shape– heart


  • Dr. Seuss Week, I see Changes in the Weather/Weather watch, Growing Gardens/We can grow a garden, Zoo/Animals live in homes too, The Very hungry Caterpillar Project, Easter, Color– white, Shape– oval


  • Spring/I can discover Spring, Pond Life/Water is Fun Under the Sea, Color–black, Shape– raindrop


  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Crafts, Bugs/Birds, I can discover Summer Color & Shape review