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We opened our 2nd 3-day three year old class today and it is already filling quickly! If you are still looking for a high-quality half-day preschool program for your 2 or 3 year old please give us a call at 642-3210.


Curriculum for Four’s

Our VPK students are also taught through age-appropriate learning centers, each child has an opportunity to experience activities with creativity and joy; to be able to reason, choose, think, talk, and communicate to enjoy learning to read out of basic curiosity to learn; to begin to know Bible thoughts and verses and to experience Bible truth. FCBA staff is trained in both Wee Learn curriculum and the Florida State VPK standard to ensure our students are ready to the next step in their learning.


  • Starting to School/Going to School, Learning About Me/All about me, Letter – M, Color– red, Shape– circle


  • Enjoying my Favorite Things/All about me, Living with My Family/all about family, Helping in My Community/Safety, Good Manners, Number Concepts, Letters – F & C, Color– yellow, Shape– square,


  • Enjoying Pets/Pets, Discovering Fall/Fall, Finding out about Farm Life/Farms, Nursery Rhymes, Letters – L, A, B, Color– orange, Shape– triangle


  • Native Americans & Pilgrims, A Healthy Harvest/Veteran’s Day, Taking Time to be Thankful, Letters – D, X, E, Color– brown, Shape– rectangle


  • Sharing Christmas Joy, Christmas customs in other countries, Family celebrations, Letters – K, J, Color– green, Shape– star,  January, Staying Healthy, Discovering Winter/Winter, Moving around my world/Transportation, Circus Life, Letters – R, T, P, L, Color– blue, Shape-diamond


  • Finding out about others, Communicating with One Another, Post Office, Dental Health, DINOSAURS, Letters– H, V,D, Color– purple, Shape– heart,


  • Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, Discovering Through My Senses, Taking care of my world, Learning about Zoo and Wild Animals, Easter, Letters– Z, S, Y, Color– white, Shape– oval


  • Experiencing Spring/Spring Weather Watch/Learning about Water, Exploring Day & Night/ Growing Gardens, Letters– G, V, I, N, Color–black, Shape– rectangle,


  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Bugs/Experiencing Outdoor Fun, Learning about Buildings and Machines, Using Signs and Symbols, Alphabet, number, color and shape review.